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BOXING FIGHT TONIGHT || Naoya Inoue vs. Jason Moloney


Tonight streaming ، Naoya Inoue will defend his WBA and IBF bantamweight titles in the main event against Jason Moloney from the Top Rank “Bubble” in Las Vegas.

Patrick L. Stumberg will be on the round-by-round call for the night’s final two fights, Inoue-Moloney and Ewa Brodnicka vs Mikaela Mayer for the now-vacant WBO junior lightweight title, which only Mayer can win after Brodnicka missed weight.

Inoue hasn’t fought in the U.S. since 2017, and this will be his first main event here, as well as his first fight under the Top Rank banner. The 27-year-old “Monster” has built an international cult following over the years, and there’s a lot of excitement about his career moving to the States. Moloney is a solid challenger and it should be a good main event as far as entertainment goes.



  • Naoya Inoue vs. Jason Moloney for Inoue’s IBF/WBA Bantamweight titles
  • Ewa Brodnicka vs. Mikaela Mayer for Brodnicka’s WBO female Junior Lightweight title


  • Robson Conceição vs. Luis Coria; Junior Lightweight
  • Andres Cortes vs. George Acosta; Junior Lightweight
  • Julian Rodriguez vs. Jose Eduardo Lopez Rodriguez; Junior Welterweight
  • Jared Anderson vs. Luis Eduardo Pena; Heavyweight
  • Andy Hiraoka vs. Rickey Edwards; Junior Welterweight


Moloney is a capable boxer and he certainly deserves credit for seeking out such a dangerous challenge in Inoue. It’s also worth mentioning that Inoue will be coming off an 11-month layoff in which he was forced to heal from sustained damaged suffered inside the ring for the first time.

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